With only 1.92 megabits per second (Mbps), Tajikistan remains among the countries with the lowest Internet speed in the world.

It was known before that the Internet in Turkmenistan is one of the slowest in the world and specialists  from the British edition of Cable.co.uk confirmed this once again. 

A comparative analysis carried out over 12 months until June 30, 2021, showed that Tajikistan ranks among the last ten.

Cable.co.uk, a UK- based telecommunications provider comparison publication, has conducted over 1.1 billion tests in 224 countries and territories worldwide.

According to the findings, the average Internet speed in Tajikistan during the research period was 1.82 Mbps and Tajikistan is among the slowest of all 224 countries surveyed.

Of the 11 CIS (former USSR) nations in the table, most can be found from the middle of the table downwards.  The region had an average speed of 12.87Mbps.  The top three fastest nations in the region were Russian Federation (35.73Mbps, 66th), Ukraine (25.26Mbps, 77th), and Belarus (19.86Mbps, 92nd).  The slowest countries in the region were Turkmenistan (also slowest in the world – 0.50Mbps, 224thth), Tajikistan (1.82Mbps, 211th) and Kazakhstan (5.83Mbps, 173rd).  Both Tajikistan and Turkmenistan were among the slowest ten places in the world.

Cable.co.uk said in a report on worldwide broadband speed in 2021 that Tajikistan, with an Internent speed of 1.82megabits per second (Mbps), is among the slowest of all 224 countries surveyed  Turkmenistan, with an Internet speed of 0.50 megabits per second (Mbps), was the slowest of all 224 countries surveyed, with it taking just over 22 hours and 34 minutes to download a movie file with a size of 5 gigabytes