We tell you who can take part in them and how to fill out an application correctly.

Games between the CIS member countries will be held from 14 to 18 October 2022 in the Tajik capital and will be dedicated to the “Year of Folk Art and Cultural Heritage” in the CIS countries, the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan reports.

Delphic Games are competitions, as well as exhibitions and presentations in various fields of art. The origins of the modern Delphic Games can be traced back to the ancient Pythian games held in ancient Greek Delphi.

 The sixteenth Youth Delphic Games are held to further develop their practice, as well as to promote the preservation and development of national cultures.


Games will be held in Russian as the language of interethnic communication. Participants can be representatives of the CIS countries formed in delegations. They will be given time for rehearsals, and the order of performances will be determined by a draw.

Participants can be both creative teams and solo performers who have announced their participation in a timely manner. The number of speakers from the country in one age group for each of the nominations - no more than five people. Re-participation in the Delphic Games is allowed.

Performances and works that do not meet the necessary requirements cannot be evaluated by the jury, and the participant is not allowed to participate further.