Tajikistan lawmakers have endorsed amendments proposed to the country’s law “On Parents' Responsibility for Children's Upbringing and Education.”

The amendments that are published on the Justice Ministry’s website for legal information, in particular, obligate parents to prevent the development of separatism in their children.  

These amendments were endorsed by the Majlisi Namoaydnagon (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament) in early October last year and singed by the president in late December last year.  

Parents are also obligated to forbid their children from watching pornographic movies and movies containing scenes of violence and scenes of manifestations of extremism, radicalism, terrorism and separatism.  

Besides, parents are obligated to forbid their children from reading and distributing electronic records (including through mobile phones) books, leaflets, magazines and other printed materials “containing pornography, violence, extremism, terrorism, radicalism and separatism.”  

It is not reported in connection with what these amendments have been made.