The Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) is ready to award 12 million US dollars for a five-year program aimed, among other things, at increasing the resilience of the Central Asian nations’ society to disinformation.  

The document, in particular, provides for strengthening sovereignty and democratic culture of the countries of the region.  

RT notes that the document notes that the objective of the new initiative in Central Asia can be achieved through campaigns on raising the level of media literacy, combating disinformation and false narratives, interacting with users of social networks having an impact on the audience, and so forth.  

According to RT, the document says that as part of this set of activities, incentive support, aimed at improving technical skills and knowledge of independent media throughout the region for the preparation of high-quality reports on international, regional and local political and socioeconomic issues, will also be provided.  

It is noted that the project activities will mainly focus on Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. However, in general, the mechanism will be available to all five countries of Central Asia.  

The project is reportedly designed for five years.