The newborn quadruplets discharged from maternity house in Dushanbe, but their parents do not have their own home here. 

The babies were born in the Istiqlol Medical Center in Dushanbe a week ago and they were discharged from the hospital yesterday.  The babies were born healthy, each weighing more than 2 kilograms.   

Qanoatsho Khudoyorov, the father of quadruplets, is very happy about the birth of children.  Sumaya, Osiya, Aliya and Ahmadjon – the parents plan to give such names to the quadruplets.

According to him, he and his wife Gulriza Mirzobekova rent a one-room apartment in Dushanbe for 4,000 somonis per month.  

They were reportedly forced to move to Dushanbe and rent this apartment due to potential risks for the pregnant wife;  they were to carry children to term and give birth in the rural area (they live in Lakhsh district, Rasht Valley). 

Before the birth of the children, Qanoatsho worked at a construction site, but he has been unemployed for a week now…

The man worries about the future of the family, because problems and expenses will increase as the children grow up.   He finds it difficult to find the job, which would cover rent, house expenses, and children’s needs.

“We pay 4,000 somonis per month for this apartment and the rental period ends on February 10  and I have to find a cheaper apartment because my salary is not enough for everything,” Qanoatsho told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

The same thought worries Gulriza, the mother of quadruplets.  According to her, it would be great if they were given at least a one-room apartment in the capital. This good deed would ease their burdens many times over.