On Thursday February 15, U.S. Ambassador Manuel Micaller and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Resident Representative Qozidavlat Qoimdodov joined Tajik Minister of Education and Science Rahim Saidzoda in an official handover ceremony of 242,000 English language textbooks for secondary schools in Tajikistan.

Press release issued by the US Embassy in Dushanbe says that in support of President Rahmon’s goal to teach Tajik children to speak English, the U.S. Embassy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and implementing partner Aga Khan Education Service in Tajikistan, developed modern textbooks and curricula for Tajik students in grades 10 and 11.

The 242,000 English textbooks include: 115,000 grade 10 student books; 115,000 grade 11 student books; 6,000 grade 10 teacher books; and 6,000 grade 11 teacher books; and 12,000 CDs with instructional materials for teachers so that they can hold student-centered lessons.  All textbooks have been delivered to the Ministry of Education and Science in Dushanbe.

These English textbooks meet the standards set out by the Ministry of Education and Science for its English language education programs.  They incorporate the most modern approaches to language learning—student-centered, communicative, and task-based learning that promotes critical thinking.  The textbooks and activities utilize Tajik cultural contexts and history alongside cultures from around the world.

These modern, engaging, and colorful learning resources are supported by instructional books for teachers on how to conduct each lesson so that all Tajik English teachers are as comfortable as possible in delivering their lessons.  The full set of resources—the textbooks, teachers’ books, and audio CDs—will be accompanied by a digital teacher training program on how to effectively teach language skills, and include grammar notes related to the textbook lessons.

In addition to providing 242,000 English language textbooks for grades 10 and 11, the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe is working with partners to provide the Ministry of Education and Science 352,611 English language learning textbooks for grades 8 and 9, which would include 5,800 teacher’s books; and 5,800 CDs for self-directed training and effective use of the resources.