Interfax reports that all five factions of the State Duma (Russia’s lower chamber of parliament) have submitted for consideration a bill providing for strengthening the federal state control in the field of migration, in particular, introducing a new migration regime for expulsions.

The bill, in particular, notes that the new regime will be imposed on foreign citizens who stay in the Russian Federation illegally.   

This can be related to the expiration of temporary stay in Russia or migration documents, the annulment of a temporary residence permit, a residence permit, as well as the commission of an illegal act.

The regime will be terminated in cases where a foreign citizen leaves the Russian Federation, resolves their legal status, the decision that served as the basis for the application of this regime is canceled, or in the event of the foreigner's death.

The introduction of such a deportation regime implies the restriction of certain rights for a foreign citizen illegally residing in the Russian Federation, as well as a significant expansion of the control measures applied to their whereabouts in Russia.

Among other things, law enforcement officers will be able to enter premises and territories where the controlled person may be located, including overcoming resistance, according to Izvestiya.

In an interview with Izvestiya at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Federation Council (Russia’s upper chamber of parliament) Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko stated that Russia will never be a country closed to foreign labor, as this is a dead-end path.

She reportedly noted that migration policy should be clear, state-driven, and well-calibrated, and it needs some adjustment.