The UN Security Council was expected to adopt a formal statement Monday, rebuking North Korea for its long-range rocket launch and calling for a tightening of existing sanctions against Pyongyang.

The non-binding draft was agreed Saturday in closed-door talks among the five permanent members of the council -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States -- plus Japan and was later submitted to the 10 non-permanent council members.

Mexico''s UN Ambassador Claude Heller, the council chair this month, told reporters that the compromise text submitted by his US counterpart, Susan Rice, at an impromptu meeting of the 15-member body, "is an excellent basis for a consensual and clear message by the Security Council."

He said a new council meeting was scheduled for Monday afternoon "to approve the statement" that had been sought by Japan.

"What is important is that the Security Council acts in a very unified manner," he added. "I hope this goal will be achieved on Monday with a formal adoption of this draft."

Rice told reporters she hoped the Council would adopt the statement "to send a very clear message to North Korea that what they have done under the guise of a satellite launch is in fact a violation of their obligations and indeed that there are consequences for such actions."