The Russian-Israeli mixed commission on trade and economic cooperation resumes its work after a three-year interval, reported a source at the Russian government.

It will hold its seventh meeting in Moscow on Thursday which will be co-chaired by Russian first vice-premier Viktor Zubkov and Israeli vice-premier and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. The commission had the previous meeting in 2006.

The Russian government noted that the commission resumes its work against the backdrop of the successful development of the Russian-Israeli political dialogue. The sides continue the practice of annual Russian-Israeli summits and established contacts between the security councils, the foreign ministries and related ministries.

The cancellation of the visa barriers helped to form a favourable interstate atmosphere. The intergovernmental agreement on dumping visa formalities during mutual trips of Russian and Israeli citizens entered into force in September 2008.

Besides, trade and economic relations between the two countries were given a jab in the arm. In 2008, the volume of trade hit its maximum over all years of bilateral cooperation – 2.8 billion US dollars.