Some media reports say Iran has delivered back military equipment to the Taliban group.

Afghanistan’s Hasht-e Subh Daily reported on June 8 that the former government had stocked some heavy and light military equipment in Iran to prevent them from being seized by the Taliban group in the very first months of the clash escalation between the Taliban and former government security forces.

It is now reported that Iran has returned and delivered back the military equipment to the Taliban.

Afghanistan’s Bakhtar News Agency reported that with efforts of Taliban officials the equipment returned to Afghanistan through Islam Qala port Tuesday (June 7) night.

According to footage sent to Hasht-e Subh, several trucks loaded with military equipment are reportedly filmed on Islam-Qala to Herat province highway.

It is said that these military equipment are weapons, Rangers, and Humvee vehicles being taken back to the country.

Islam Qala is a border town in the western Herat province of Afghanistan, near the Afghanistan–Iran border.  It is the official entry by land from neighboring Taybad, Iran.