Commander of the Taliban subunits in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan Province, field commander Qari Vakkas, has defected to the National Resistance Front (NRF), Aamaj News reported on June 21.  

It is reported that over two days, the militants that defected to the NRF have seized Khambak, Kuri and Kotu-Bala villages in Tagab district.  

Subunits subordinate to Commander Qari Vakkas reportedly number up to 300 militants.  It is noted that the Taliban militants sent to Tagab to smash mutinous subunits have been forced to retreat.  

Meanwhile, Aamaj News also reported on Tuesday that according to local sources in Takhar Province, the Taliban intelligence forces have arrested a former commander of public uprising movement.

The sources say this former commander was arrested in Taloqan, center of Takhar Province, while he wanted to join the National Resistance Front.

The source said that the commander, named Qari Rahmatullah Ferotan, was one of the public uprising commanders in Kishim district, Badakhshan Province.