Media reports say Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill into law that will require military conscripts to give their international passports (passports for international travels) to the authorities for storage during their service period.

The law that was signed on June 13, in particular, says that conscripts, as well as Russians performing alternative civilian service, will have five days from the time of their conscription to give their passports to an Interior Ministry migration department office or a Municipal Services Center.  Anyone who fails to turn it in without a legitimate reason will have their passport invalidated.

Russian citizens discharged from military service in the Federal Security Service (FSB) would have to give up their travel passports for storage for up to five years from the date of dismissal from military service.

Diplomatic or service passports could be recognized as invalid if not returned without a good reason within five working days after the completion of a business trip, the law states.

Under the new law, a travel passport becomes invalid if it has been lost, expired, or if the owner has changed personal data — such as name, gender, date or place of birth.

The law also establishes the grounds under which the passport can be withdrawn, for example, if there is a suspicion it contains false information, is issued on the basis of forged documents, or is recognized as unsuitable.

The law will come into force in 180 days.  

Russia has experienced a significant outflow of men fleeing war, especially since the announcement of partial mobilization in September 2022.

Moreover, in April 2023, Russia adopted a package of amendments to the law "On military duty and military service."  The amendments creation of a digital register of those liable for military service and introduced electronic summonses, which are considered received from the moment they are posted in the personal account on the State Services.  From the date of delivery of such a summons, it is prohibited to travel abroad.