A bill on termination of the acquired Russian citizenship, i.e. not received by birthright, for violating oath has been drafted and it will be submitted for consideration to the State Duma (Russia’s lower chamber of parliament) tomorrow, State Duma member Mikhail Matveyev posted on his Telegram-channel on April 8.  

Matveyev noted that he is currently selecting “a good company of co-authors” of the legislative act.

According to him, in case of negative feedback from the Cabinet of Ministers on the initiative, the Government will have to admit “that the Russian oath is just a piece of paper for violation of which there is no punishment.  

An oath of citizenship is an oath taken by immigrants that officially naturalizes immigrants into citizens.  It is often the final step in this process, and is usually done in a ceremonial capacity.  An oath of citizenship is designed to be a statement of patriotism and loyalty to the new country.   

The Russian oath of citizenship: “I, (surname, name, middle name), swear that, by taking the citizenship of the Russian Federation, I will observe the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation, and the rights and freedoms of its citizens; that I shall fulfill my duties as a citizen of the Russian Federation for the welfare of the state and society; that I will protect the freedom and independence of the Russian Federation; and that I will be loyal to Russia and respect its culture, history and traditions.”

In April last year, the State Duma approved an amendment allowing depriving the acquired Russian citizenship for “committing acts endangering national security.” 

On April 18, 2023, the State Duma adopted the amendment to the second reading of the draft basic law “On the Citizenship of the Russian Federation”.  The amendment provides for terminating the acquired citizenship for public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Changes were reportedly made to Article 24 of the draft law on the termination of the citizenship as a result of a crime.  The citizenship is terminated if a crime is committed under Article 280.3 of Russia’s Penal Code -- public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for protection of the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens.