Uzbek media reports say the government in Uzbekistan has announced a three-week lockdown coming into effect on July 10 in response to a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

Under the new restrictions, the movement of vehicles will be limited, travel between regions is to be forbidden for all but essential purposes and mass gatherings are mostly banned. Weddings are not permitted at all, while funerals may be attended by a maximum of 15 people.

The public is being encouraged to refrain from going to work and to use videoconferencing software wherever practical.

In a measure mirroring a practice adopted in neighboring Kazakhstan, which enacted its own second round of lockdowns over the weekend, people over the age of 65 will not be allowed to go out in public. Assembling in groups larger than three will be prohibited.

Amusement parks, bazaars, department stores, fitness clubs, public pools, restaurants, guesthouses and children’s camps are among an array of businesses that will be shuttered through to August 1.

As of July 8, the overall confirmed number of coronavirus cases in Uzbekistan reached 10,838, of which 6,811 people recovered and 42 died.