Members of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense, Security and Migration of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan at a meeting on October 3 considered a bill that allows in “special cases” to issue weapons to residents of the border regions of Batken and Osh regions, reports.

Deputy Marlen Mamataliev said that it was decided to combine into a single document the initiatives of individual deputies raised after the armed conflict on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

According to him, amendments are proposed to be made to 4 laws - On mobilization training and mobilization in the Kyrgyz Republic, On universal conscription of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, on military and alternative services, On weapons and On border commissioners.

«After the events in the Batken region, we talked with local residents, they ask to be given the opportunity to be mobilized on a voluntary basis, they ask to remove age restrictions. There are citizens who hunt, who have military training. We also propose to amend the law on weapons, so that in some cases, without experience, the inhabitants of these areas could be given weapons. But this does not mean that they will immediately give weapons to everyone, the Ministry of Internal Affairs should prescribe the order and procedures, they will not distribute weapons to everyone just like that», - said Mamataliev.

After discussion, committee members approved the bill in the first reading.