Kazakhstan has published the list of those who allegedly receiving support from abroad.  

Kazakh authorities yesterday published a list of individuals and organizations that they say "receive financial and other types of support from foreign countries, international organizations, foreigners, and stateless persons."

Nastoyashcheye Vremya (Current Time) says the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan has published the list, which includes 240 physical and legal entities.  

Several noted bloggers and journalists, as well as the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in Kazakhstan; the Kazakh Youth Information Service; the Internews international nonprofit association office; the Kazakh Bureau of Human Rights; the Adil Soz (Just Word) center for monitoring journalists' rights; and other persons and entities were included on the list. 

The list was reportedly created in accordance with 2022 amendments to the Taxation Code that allow publishing of the registers of people and organizations receiving support from abroad.

Since 2018, the tax legislation of Kazakhstan requires reporting on financing from abroad, and in 2022, amendments appeared, which provide that the list of organizations that received such financing must be public.

Legislative amendments that require tax officers to publish the said register became effective on January 1, 2023, but they became effective in the second half of the year as information must be published “by results of six months no later than 20th day of the month following the reporting month on the web resource of the authority at: www.kgd.gov.kz”.

The State Revenue Committee (SRC), which has tax service in its structure, explaining the amendment, noted in Aril this year that the amendment is generally meant to improve the level of public trust both to the state and to non-governmental organizations.