Beginning on January 1, 2025, Uzbekistan’s police will start keeping a register of citizens who have committed or are inclined to commit violence, Fergana news reported on May 14. 

By president’s decree those put on the register will be subject to correctional work, with the involvement of psychology inspectors from the National Guard.  

Starting from June 1, 2024, Inson Centers will provide social and legal services to victims of harassment and violence without requesting protection orders.  Incidents of harassment and violence against women will be registered by law enforcement upon receiving calls to the emergency hotline.

Within 24 hours of identifying a case of harassment or violence or a threat thereof, the perpetrator will be interviewed in the presence of a women's rights activist and a community prevention officer, and a protection order will be issued for the victim by the prevention officer. 

In addition, women and their children who have suffered harassment and violence will be accommodated in emergency rooms at central hospitals.  24-hour primary care rooms will be established in emergency departments in Jizzakh, Navoi, and Khorezm regions starting from June 1, and in all other regions starting from October 1.   

To provide rehabilitation services for women affected by harassment and violence, temporary shelters are being arranged in the regional centers of the Republican Centre for Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Women.

Recall, the Uzbek authorities in November last year created a register aimed at tracking individuals convicted of crimes against minors, specifically sexual violence.  Individuals included on the register will be barred from any line of work involving children.  Individuals eligible for inclusion on the register of child abusers reportedly include those convicted of offenses such as murder, rape, forced sexual acts, involvement in producing or disseminating child pornography, and terrorism.