Men's team of Tajikistan on chess lost the match of the 4-th round the national team of Moldova with a score 1,5:2,5 in the World chess Olympiad in Baku, and the women won the match against Belgium with a score 2,5:1,5.

In previous rounds Tajik chess players had scored two victories over Sierra Leone 4:0 and Andorra 3,5:0,5 and one defeat against Canada 0:4.

With 4 points chess team of Tajikistan is on the 75-th place of fixture list among 150 countries.

In the national team of Tajikistan there are: grand master Farrukh Amonatov, the master Muhammad and Mustafohoja Khuseynhojaev, Amin Kobilov and Alisher Karimov.

More-less successful begun the Olympic Games the female national team of Tajikistan, composed of Nadeshda Antonova, Marwori Nasriddinzoda, Mutriba Ilkhom and Saodat Odinaeva.

The women's team of Tajikistan defeated the national teams of Palestine (4:0) and Belgium (2,5:1,5), played a draw with the Mexicans 2:2, and lost more experienced U.S. team 0:4. Scoring after 4 rounds 2.,5 points team occupies the 50th place in the current table of results.

Tournaments are held according to the Swiss system in 11 rounds. Teams consist of 4 main players and 1 reserve. The winners will be determined on September 13. The game follows the classic system. Time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves and 30 minutes till the end of the party with addition of 30 seconds after each move.

The leaders of men's teams in the tournament are: China, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands; in women: Ukraine, Serbia and Russia.

Another opponent of men's national team of Tajikistan is the team of Japan, which occupies the 78th place, and the women will play a match with the players of Mongolia.