DUSHANBE, February 12, Asia-Plus -- “First official visit of Tajik president to Egypt and Syria opens a new page in relations of Tajikistan with Arab and other Muslim nations, although our friendly relations with them have long history,” Emomali Rahmonov remarked in his interview with Ms. Rim Haddad (phonetically spelled), correspondent for Syrian national TV, in Damascus on February 9, according to Abdufattoh Sharipov, a spokesman for the Tajik president.    

            The spokesman said that speaking about priorities of Tajikistan’s foreign policy, Rahmonov noted that Tajikistan is open for cooperation with all countries.  “Tajikistan attaches significance to relations with Arab and other Muslim nations in its foreign policy,” the president said.  

                Dwelling on the present situation in the Middle East, Rahmonov reiterated that Tajikistan is opposed to military confrontation and the use of force in the settlement of regional conflicts and supporter of the political settlement of disputes on the basis of international standards and seeking concerted acts.