Entrepreneur from GBAO Mabatsho Bakhtibekov offered his «Zafar» hotel to the Khorog regional hospital to accommodate patients there. 

Entrepreneur Mabatsho Bakhtibekov built and opened a modern hotel a couple of years ago in the administrative center of the GBAO - the city of Khorog - to meet the requirements of foreign tourists. The hotel brought him good income. However, with the advent and spread around the world of a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the closure of borders between countries, the hotel is empty.

At the end of April, the official structures of Tajikistan reported the first cases of infection of the republic’s coronavirus, although many claim that the infected were long before.

Mabatsho Bakhtibekov noted that the hotel rooms are designed for 32 people.

«The hotel also has a restaurant where you can prepare sick food, there is also a common lounge and terrace, which doctors can also use at their discretion», - emphasized Bakhtibekov.