Yesterday, August 27, Tajikistan was subjected to a powerful impact of natural disasters caused by incessant heavy rains. Mudslides and landslides led to serious destruction in the cities of Dushanbe, Vakhdat and Hissar, as well as in the districts of Rudaki, Varzob, Devashtich, Rasht, Sangvor and Tajikabad.

The mixing of water and mud affected people's lives, and 13 people became victims of the disaster, the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan told Asia-Plus.

And so, according to the Emergency commission, on this day at 21:15 in the territory of Vakhdat, as a result of mudslides, the rural jamoats named after N.Rozik, Simiganj, Chuyangaron and Romit suffered.

More than 100 households from these settlements were temporarily evacuated to safer places.

"But, unfortunately, 11 of them died as a result of the disaster - 3 women and 8 men. Two citizens managed to be rescued from a sunken car," the Emergency Department said.

5 bridges, inter-village roads and defensive structures were also damaged here.

Currently, a commission is working at the scene to calculate the amount of damage.

In Rudaki area, on the territory of the villages of Obshoron, Zafar, Mehrobod, the descended mudslides caused flooding of the homesteads of local residents.

In the villages of Marifat and Chainak of the rural jamoat Chorteppa mudslides penetrated into the basements of local residents.

"At about 23:00, as a result of mudslides on the territory of the village of Dara of the rural Rohati jamoat, 15 cars remained in the mud mass, unfortunately, two citizens were killed," the Emergency commission said.

Mudslides were also recorded on the territory of Rasht and Devashtich district of Sughd region.

It is noted that the Deputy Prime Minister, the head of the Emergency Department and the Director of the Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan left for the emergency site in Vakhdat and in Rudaki district.

The situation is under the control of the President of the country, who instructed to provide assistance to the affected population.

In the capital on August 27, heavy rains also led to serious consequences, including the breakthrough of the Shuraksoy mudflow in the residential area of Khojanbiei poen in Dushanbe.

This led to the flooding of household plots of residential buildings and the blocking of the highway along Hafiz Sherozi Avenue adjacent to the Kushonien market. The road has already been cleared, the movement of cars on has been restored.

In Sino metropolitan area, intense rains led to the blocking of the highway between Luchobi Bolo and Varzob district. 

A similar situation was recorded in the Shohmansur district of the capital. On Peoples' Friendship Street and on Ahmadi Donish Street, as a result of heavy rains, water got on the roads.

"At the moment, the work on the elimination of the consequences of the natural disaster has been completed, and there are no victims and destruction on the territory of the city of Dushanbe," the Emergency commission notes.

The report notes that at 14:40 on Sunday, heavy rains provoked mudslides on the 50th kilometer of the Dushanbe-Khujand highway in Varzob district.

By means of engineering equipment of the “IRS” road service, it was possible to clear a section of the road, and traffic was restored. However, already at 16:30, due to prolonged rains, another mudslide and landslide occurred on the 21st kilometer of Dushanbe-Khujand highway, which led to the fact that 15 cars were buried under the mud mass.

"The engineering equipment of the IRS and the Emergency Department was involved to promptly respond to the situation. At 02:00 on August 28, the situation was stabilized, and traffic on the highway was restored in both directions," the report says.

On the territory of Luchob village of mahalla Gulbog-1 and Shobod village of rural jamoat Chorbog, partial damage was recorded to several residential buildings and homesteads due to mudflows.

14 passenger cars were stuck in the mud mass in front of residential buildings.

Similar consequences from mudflows also affected the rural jamoats of Almosi, Honakoi Kuhi, Hissar and Mirzo Rizo of Hissar city.

According to the Emergency Committee, the Emergency Situations Commission is at the scene to assess the extent of the damage and organize further recovery measures.

The Emergency Committee notes that the situation in the affected areas and cities of the country remains tense due to the continuing high risk of landslides, mudflows and rockfalls.

In this regard, the Emergency Committee again calls on the population to refrain from risky trips, hikes to dangerous areas, hunting, fishing, as well as to collect herbs in mountain areas and graze cattle.

The population is also asked to clean the ditches and channels passing near residential buildings to prevent possible flooding.

In case of emergency situations, and any accidents, citizens can contact the emergency responder by phone: 93 880 28 19, 221-91-19, 223-13-11.