Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC) Kazkommertsbank Tajikistan has been renamed CJSC Halyk Bank Tajikistan.

CJSC Kazkommertsbank Tajikistan is an affiliate of Kazkommertbank, the largest private bank in Kazakhstan with a total market share of 24%.

It has been renamed CJSC Halyk Bank Tajikistan after JSC Halyk Bank, a commercial savings bank in Kazakhstan, has merged with JSC Kazkommertsbank

CJSC Halyk Bank Tajikistan is now affiliate of JSC Halyk Bank.  An authorized capital of CJSC Halyk Bank Tajikistan reportedly amounts to 35 million somoni.   

On July 1, CJSC Halyk Bank Tajikistan was granted a license to carry out transactions in national and foreign currencies, according to the press center of the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT).  

Recall JSC Halyk Bank and JSC Kazkommertsbank signed the Transfer Act on July 28, 2018.  The execution of the Transfer Act completes the assumption by Halyk Bank of all property, rights and obligations of Kazkommertsbank as a result of voluntary reorganization of Halyk Bank and Kazkommertsbank in the form of Kazkommertsbank's merger into Halyk Bank.      

Halyk Bank is the legal successor of the Soviet-era Sberbank (savings bank) in Kazakhstan, analogous to Sberbank in Russia.  Its full Kazakh name translates into English as “National Savings Bank of Kazakhstan.”  A member of the Halyk Group, it is headquartered in the city of Almaty.