Step by step, the authorized capital will be increased to $ 50 million.

By the decree of the President of Uzbekistan, the intergovernmental agreement signed on June 10 in Dushanbe on the creation of an investment company was approved, the legal portal reports.

According to the document, the authorized body responsible for the implementation of the international treaty has determined the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan.

The Tajik-Uzbek investment company is created in the form of an LLC with an initial authorized capital of US $ 12 million with a phased increase to $ 50 million.

Its main activities will be investing through the acquisition of shares in the authorized capital of existing and newly created economic entities, the allocation of loans, the issue of securities, as well as the sale of shares of an investment company in the authorized capital of economic entities to Tajik and foreign investors.

In addition, it provides for investment cooperation with international investment and financial institutions, including in Tajikistan, coordination of investment interaction with them, as well as support and assistance in the implementation of joint investment projects.

A separate area of the company's activity will be the search and attraction of foreign and domestic investors to expand the composition of its participants and the allocation of funds to commercial banks of Tajikistan on a commercial basis.