Beginning on November 10, public transport fares in Dushanbe will rise on average 50 percent.

A source within the Dushanbe mayor’s office says the Antimonopoly Agency has allowed State Unitary Enterprise Dushanbenaqliyotkhadamotrason (Dushanbe Public Transport Services) to raise public transport fares.

Beginning on November 10, bus ride by CITY Card will cost 1.80 somonis (50-percent increase; current bus fare costs 1.20 somonis), trolleybus ride by City CARD will cost 1.50 somonis (50-percent increase; current trolleybus fare costs 1.00 somonis), 

Meanwhile, the bus ride for cash will cost 2.50 somonis and the trolleybus ride for cash will cost 2.00 somonis.  

Shared fixed-route minibus fare will be raised from 1.60 somonis to 2.50 somonis (more than 56-percent increase). 

Taxi fare will be raised from 2.50 somonis per kilometer to 3.00 somonis (20-percent increase).

The last time the public transport fares in Dushanbe were revised in 2011.

Dushanbenaqliyotkhadamotrason has justified its decision to raise public transport fares as based on domestic fuel market trends.

“Over the past decade, prices for fuels and lubricants have risen 110 percent, spare parts prices has risen 110, prices for vehicle spare parts have risen 90-110 percent, and energy rates have risen 300 percent.  Besides, taxes, fees and average wages have grown exponentially and transport companies are unable to cover their expenses and are indebted to them,” says a statement released by Dushanbenaqliyotkhadamotrason.