Tajikistan resumes regular flights to Germany.  The first flight from Dushanbe to Munich is schedule for June 6.  

“By order of the president we are gradually resuming regular flights to far abroad countries.  We have reached an agreement with the German side on resumption of air traffic.  Airlines have been given permission to operate flights on a new air route -- from Dushanbe to Munich,” Aziz Nabizod, the deputy director of the Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of Tajikistan, told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

According to him, Tajikistan was ready to resume regular flights to Germany in 2021, but “the German side decided to open the sky only this year.” 

Tajikistan’s private air carrier Somon Air will operate flights on this air route.  “At first the company will operate the flight once a week,” Nabizoda added.  

The company will use Boeing 737-900 to operate flight from Dushanbe to Munich.  

According to the Somon Air’s official website, the price for economy class ticket on the flights from Dushanbe to Munich be 427.00 euros (equivalent to 5,215 somonis) and the price for business class ticket on the flights from Dushanbe to Munich will be 607.00 00 euros (equivalent to 7,414 somonis).

While the economy class and business class tickets on the return flights (from Munich to Dushanbe) will cost 482.52 euros (equivalent to 6,009 somonis) and 672.53 euros (equivalent to 8,208 somonis), 

Before the coronavirus crisis, Somon Air operated flight from Dushanbe to Frankfurt.