Tajikistan reduced wheat, flour, rice and potato imports last year, Mahmadsaid Faizullozoda, the head of the food Security Committee under the Government of Tajikistan, told reporters in Dushanbe on February 2. 

Last year, Tajikistan reportedly imported 918,500 tons of wheat from Kazakhstan last year, which is 35,000 tons fewer than in2021.   

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), all categories of farms in Tajikistan planted wheat on an area of 270,000 hectares and produced more than 900,000 tons of wheat.

An official source at a MoA says it is planned to increase wheat production in the country to1.014 million tons by 2025.

Wheat imports are planned to be increased to 1.27 million tons by 2025.  

In 2022, Tajikistan reportedly imported 63,000 tons of wheat flour, which is 1,500 tons fewer than in 2021.  

Today there are enough flour mills in the country, which not only meet the population’s requirements in wheat flour but even also export flour.  

Tajikistan plans to annually reduce wheat flour imports by 48,000 tons by 2025 and bring domestic wheat flour production to 963,000 tons. 

Laz year, domestic flour mills produced more than 800,000 tons of wheat flour.  

Specialists from the Food Security Committee consider that this volume of wheat and flour exceeds the population’s requirements and fully ensure food security in this regard.   

According to data from the MoA, more than 1 million tons of potatoes were produced in Tajikistan last year.

According to consumption rates, this amount is enough for the population of 10 million.   .

The Food Security Committee says Tajikistan last year imported only 2,800 tons of potatoes, which is 12,500 tons fewer than in 2021.  

By 2025, Tajikistan plans to increase potato production to 1.125 million tons and stop importing potatoes completely.  

According to information from the Food Security Committee, Tajikistan last year imported 26,700 tons of rice, which is 5,000 tons fewer than in 2021.  

Tajikistan reduces rice imports hoping for its heir own production.