The 9th conference entitled “Business and Investment Partnership between Russia and Tajikistan” is going on in Dushanbe today.

The event being held at the National Library of Tajikistan reportedly aims to discuss trade and economic cooperation between the regions of the two countries. 

Thematic panel sessions in such areas as industry, energy, tourism, transportation, education and others took place in the first half of the day.  

Besides, bilateral meetings between entrepreneurs of the two countries have been held in B2B and B2G formats.   

The conference participants say the Tajik business community offers the launch of joint ventures in areas like hydrometallurgy, rare metals processing, extraction and processing of mining products, production of buses and vehicle trailers as well as repair services, trade (wheat and petroleum product imports) and construction, furniture manufacture, production of plastic products and fittings, production of consumer goods, etc.  

According to the State Committee on Investment and State-owned Property Management (GosKomInvest), representatives of more than 800 companies from both countries are participating in the conference.  Among Tajik companies participating in the event are Tomokhush, Adrasman Ore Refinery, Khujand Rare Metal Plant, Rohi Somon, Sadaf, Nouri Khovar, Zinat, Poiafzoli Khujand, etc.  

In the second half of the day, Tajik Prime Minister Qohir Rasoulzoda and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Mishustin delivered statements inaugurating the main part of the event.  

An exchange of contacts for representatives of business circles of the two countries will be held tomorrow.