The ban on the import of vehicles manufactured before the year 2013 will take effect in two monthsn after publication in an official newspaper.

The president’s official website said on August 2 that the government of Tajikistan has adopted a decree on the ban on the import of vehicles manufactured before the year of 2013 into the territory of Tajikistan.  

The decree reportedly applies to vehicles for carriage of passengers and freight transport vehicles,  passenger cars and specialized vehicles.  

The decree will become effective in two months after publication in an official newspaper.  The government’s mouthpiece Jumhuriyat generally publishes government-signed documents within up to three days.

According to the decree, the Customs Service and the Interior Ministry undertake to provide control, customs clearance and registration of the imported vehicles in accordance with the adopted decree.  

The Tajik president’s official website notes that the Government bans the vehicles manufactured before the year of 2013 “in bid to combat effects of environmental pollution, upgrade the vehicle fleet, improve the quality of service and prevent traffic accidents.”

Recall, the Government of Tajikistan in 2018 issued a decree banning the delivery of vehicles manufactured before year of 2005 into the country.

Tajikistan mostly imports used vehicles, and, accordingly, the prices for them are much lower than for the new ones.

Motor vehicles, mainly passenger cars, are imported from the Baltic States and Europe.  In the market of heavy-duty vehicles the leading place is occupied by Chinese manufacturers.