The volume of electricity exports in the first half of 2023 decreased by 85.3 million kWh compared to the same period in 2022 and amounted to 971.2 million kWh. This was announced at a press conference today by the deputy head of the company "Barki Tojik" Abdullo Kurbonzoda.

According to him, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are the main importers of Tajik electricity.

Last year, Afghanistan had debts to Tajikistan in the amount of $28 million.

The debt was related to the problems of transferring funds from the company's accounts in Afghanistan.

During the summer period, Afghanistan receives 9-9.5 million kWh of electricity every day, and Uzbekistan – in the amount of 6 - 6.5 million. In winter, these indicators decrease to the level of 30-40 MW/h per day.

Thus, Tajikistan will not stop exporting electricity to neighboring countries even when it itself is experiencing a shortage. "This is done in order not to lose the market and so that the energy equipment does not stand idle," Barki Tojik explained.

In addition, in order to provide the sectors of the economy and the population of the republic with electricity in the first half of 2023 electricity was purchased in the amount of 2 billion 762.2 million kWh, which is 131 million kWh more than in the same period last year.

7 billion 868.6 million kWh of electricity was generated in all hydroelectric power plants included in the structure of the company "Barki Tojik".