This fee is a one-time payment imposed on all vehicle owners. Concerns have been raised by vehicle owners in Tajikistan on social media in recent days, expressing dissatisfaction with what they perceive as a "new tax" or "mandatory payment" for the destruction or disposal of vehicles.

A payment receipt for vehicle disposal was shared online, and it was noted that without this document, the traffic police (GAI) refuse to process vehicle documents. Saidmumin Khasanzoda, the head of the Public Relations Department of the Traffic Police, confirmed in a conversation with "Asia-Plus" that such a fee for vehicle owners was introduced based on the government's decision dated December 30, 2023.

According to him, the payment amount depends on the category of vehicles and is as follows:

·         For motorcycle owners: 350 somoni or 5 calculation units.

·         For passenger cars and other vehicles carrying up to 10 people: 1540 somoni or 22 calculation units.

·         For trucks, cranes, or heavy-duty vehicles: 2800 somoni or 40 calculation units.

A representative of the Traffic Police stated that this amount is paid once for the entire duration of the vehicle's operation and will be accompanied by an official document as proof of payment.