The OSCE representative apologized to the government delegation, and members of the fight were removed from the meeting.

In Warsaw, September 11, at the entrance to the hotel, which hosts the annual conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), representatives of the delegation of the Government of Tajikistan fought with the activists of the Tajik opposition.

The incident occurred on the second day of the conference at noon, when members of the government delegation left the building of the meetings. According to RIA Novosti, Tajik opposition leader Sulaimoni Orzu (Sulaimon Orzuev) tried to enter into a discussion with a member of the official delegation and take a picture with the former member of the Islamic Revival Partyof Tajikistan, Ayomiddin Sattorov, but then the representative of Dushanbe intervened, who struck the oppositionist with his fist on the face, and then with his foot.

When activists of the Tajik opposition came to the delegation to greet their former colleague Ayomiddin Sattorov, activist Sulaimon Orzuyev asked him to take a picture with a leaflet on which the call for the release of political prisoners was written, explains the website "Akhbor".

When Sattorov took the piece of paper, one of his attendants took it away and crumpled the paper.

Orzuev was outraged, but another man from the government delegation, suddenly struck him in the face. There was a scuffle during which the same member of the delegation struck a foot of another opposition activist – Vaysiddin Odinaev.

 According to eyewitnesses, after the scuffle Saidzoda sat in the car of the official delegation of Tajikistan, the opposition tried to follow him and demanded to get out of the car, but Saidzoda accused them of provocation.

The incident will be investigated

The deputy director of the Islamic Studies Center of Tajikistan Rustam Azizi told Radio Ozodi that the OSCE representative at the meeting apologized to the government delegation for this incident. Now the incident is being investigated by the Polish police.

Director of the OSCE Office for Democracy and Human Rights Ingiborg Solrun Gisladottir stated that participants in the fight will not be allowed to attend the event before the police investigation is over, reports website "Akhbor".

Gisladottir condemned the fight at the opening of the evening meeting, calling the incident unacceptable and stating that there is no place for aggressive actions either at this conference or outside it.

According to some media reports, the initiator of the fight was the adviser to the Ambassador of Tajikistan in Berlin Murod Saidzoda, who is responsible at the embassy for economic relations with the Czech Republic and Poland.

Earlier, the official Dushanbe repeatedly objected to participation in the conference banned in the Republic of the IRP, and in 2017 even spoke of the termination of the mission in the country.