The body of a junior sergeant who died during the exercises, delivered to Isfara.

Junior sergeant 21-year-old Khadiatullo Tagoev died from a bullet wound on August 21 in the territory of the airborne assault battalion of the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan, deployed in Dushanbe.

He will be buried today in the village of Chorkuh, Isfara, from where he retired to the national army of Tajikistan in October 2017. He has left to serve in the army for about 40 days.

In the Tajik Ministry of Defense, the parents of the deceased Tagoev were informed that he was wounded in the chest during exercises due to careless handling of weapons.

A source in Isfara City Hall said that the parents of the deceased soldier do not agree with the conclusions of the Ministry of Defense and intend to contact the appropriate authorities to establish the true cause of the death of their son.