The Main Border Guard Directorate at the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan denies Kyrgyz media reports about violation by Tajikistan of an agreement with Kyrgyzstan as absolutely unfounded.

“A Tajik border post has been deployed in the agreed territory on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border in Lakhsh (formerly Jirgatol) district in accordance with protocol agreement,” Tajik Main Border Guard Directorate said in its statement released on June 4.

The statement notes that in accordance with an agreement within the framework of the Intergovernmental Commission, some stretches along the mutual border have been described, and therefore, Tajik border guards currently patrol the agreed stretch of the Tajik-Kyrgyz border.   

The border post has been deployed on the agreed stretch of the border on the basis of parity, Tajik Border Guard says, adding that the Kyrgyz border post with proper infrastructure has been deployed on the other side of the stretch in the Karamyk Pass area.

The deployment of the mentioned border posts reportedly ensures the principle of parity in the protection of the mutual border until it is definitely delimitated and demarcated.  

Kyrgyz media outlets had earlier accused Tajikistan of violating the reached agreements and installing a container along a disputable segment of the border. 

Citing Kyrgyz border service, AKIpress reports that “the Tajik side, violating all previously reached agreements, began installing a container in the Unzhu-Bulak area of Chon-Alai districts of Kyrgyzstan Osh region along the undescribed stretch of the border on June 4, at around 3:00 am.”

According to the Kyrgyz media outlet, Tajik border guards allegedly went up to 1000 meters deep into the territory of Kyrgyzstan.  

AKIpress notes that according to information from Kyrgyz border service, there is a congestion of military personnel on automobile and lightly armored vehicles on the Tajik side of the border.  

Kyrgyzstan border service is reportedly taking measures to prevent the escalation of the conflict.

Kyrgyzstan border service’s press center said on June 4 that the situation along the Kyrgyz-Tajik border is characterized as tense.   

Meanwhile, said on Friday (June 4) the head of Kyrgyzstan's security services Kamchybek Tashiyev together with the Special Representative of the Cabinet of Ministers for Border Affairs Nazirbek Barubayev and the Director of the State Agency for Land Resources Abdulat Myrzayev have gone to the mentioned area to resolve the situation.    

The border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan has been the scene of unrest repeatedly since the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

Border talks between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan began in 2002.  The countries share 976 kilometers of border – of which only 504 kilometers has reportedly been properly delineated, leading to tensions for the past 30 years.