The victim of brutal beating n notorious polygamy case, 32-year-old Madina Mahmadjonova died in hospital on December 15, a day after Parviz (Lutfullo) Davlatov was sentenced to 8 years on charges of bigamy, torture and incitement to suicide, before the jail term was reduced to five years and four months under an amnesty law.  Parviz Davlatov was charged with torturing his wife Aziza Davlatova.

Recall, Aziza Davlatova and her husband Parviz Davlatov were arrested earlier last .month.

The initial decision to close the case backfired after women’s rights activists took to social media to demand justice for the victim, Madina Mahmadjonova.  They shared photos showing the victim’s horrific injuries and demanded answers from officials.

Parviz Davlatov, 47, worked as a manager at one of the city branches of a major mobile phone operator in Tajikistan.

Madina Mahmadjonova worked as an accountant at the same branch until the summer when Parviz Davlatov fired her -- allegedly under pressure from his wife.

Parviz Davlatov’s family is said to have high-placed political connections through his father, Davlatali Davlatzoda, the former first deputy chairman of the ruling People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT).  He has held many other high-profile posts in Emomali Rahmon’s government.

On August 25, Madina was allegedly attacked by Aziza Davlatova, who accused the victim of having a romantic relationship with her husband for more than two years.

Madina was admitted to hospital on August 26 “unconscious, with grave injuries” and apparent signs of strangulation.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, two doctors at the Shifobakhsh medical facility told Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, at the time that Mahmadjonova suffered from brain damage due to a lack of oxygen as the result of strangulation.  The medics said they “don’t know” if she will ever fully recover.”

Meanwhile, after the passage of more than three months, the medics said Madina’s condition has improved.  Asad Nourov, a physician with the Qariyai Bolo hospital told Radio Ozodi on December 13 that she is not completely out of her coma yet but about 20 days ago she opened her eyes and tears are flowing from her eyes.

Unfortunately, Madina died yesterday leaving behind a preteen daughter.

As far as Aziz Davlatov is concerned, her trial, also held behind closed doors, is reportedly still ongoing.  Recall, some sources told Asia-Plus in early November that Aziza Davlatova is facing up to 15 years in prison for the attempted murder of Madina Mahmadjonova 

It remains unclear if there are other suspects in the case.

Outraged Dushanbe residents signed an open letter about the case to President Emomali Rahmon and Dushanbe Mayor Rustam Emomali, who is also Chairman of the Majlisi Milli (Tajikistan’s upper chamber of parliament). 

Rustam Emomali ordered a new probe that saw the couple being arrested and formally charged.  Two high-ranked officers from the city’s police and prosecutors’ office – district police chief Zafar Ismoilzoda and deputy district prosecutor Suhrob Salimzoda -- were also dismissed from their posts for allegedly mishandling the case.