The parliamentary faction of Ata-Zhurt Kyrgyzstan Party has proposed Jokorgu Kenesh (Kyrgyzstan’s parliament) to contribute to resolving the situation along the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

According to, MP Bakyt Torobayev stated this at a session of Jokorgu Kenesh on January 28.  

He reportedly proposed to begin work with the parliament of Tajikistan.

Besides, the Ata-Zhurt Kyrgyzstan faction members proposed to hold an extraordinary session of the parliament.

“We do not need officials.  We will gather and discuss the situation behind closed doors,” MP Nadira Narmatova. 

MP Aibek Matkerimov proposed to travel to Batken, said.  

Ata-Jurt Kyrgyzstan (Fatherland Kyrgyzstan) is a Kyrgyz political party running in the 2021 parliamentary election.  The party is not affiliated with the Ata-Zhurt party, and is linked with President Japarov and the Mekenchil party.