Two cars of Yak Taxi Company have been burnt in Bokhtar, the capital of Khatlon province.  

The chief of the Bokhtar Fire Department Vali Begijonzoda says the incident took place on the night of February 5. 

“Two fire crews that were sent to the fire scene managed to put out the cars, and thereby, save 12 other cars that were in the taxi depot,” Begijonzoda said, noting that the two cars were burnt completely.

“Our experts investigated the cause of the fire, and found that it was arson; the cars were doused in gasoline and set on fire,” the Bokhtar Fire Department chief noted.  

He further added that the arson report had been sent to the Bokhtar Police Department for further investigation.  

A source within the Khatlon law enforcement authorities told Asia-Plus that police had launched investigation into that incident “and there are suspects.”

The source refrained from giving further details.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry’s official website said on the morning of February 9 that a 25-year-old resident of Bokhtar, Isroil Teshayev, who had previously worked as taxi driver for Rakhsh (3333) Taxi Company, was detained on suspicion of setting the cars on fire.

It has reportedly been established that Teshayev set the cars on fire due to the animosity he had towards drivers of the torched vehicles.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Teshayev under the provisions of Article 255 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code -- intentional destruction or damage to property; an investigation is under way.    

Yak Taxi Company opened its branch in Bokhtar in late January last year.