School building has collapsed in Abdurahmoni-Jomi district in Khatlon province.  Fortunately no injured has been reported.

The accident took place in Vahdat village Friday afternoon.  The building of School No 31 collapsed in front of the students.  Fortunately, no injured was reported.

Asia-Plus’s reporter visited the school collapse scene next day.  There was removal of debris there.

“Friday at about 5:00 pm, the 7th grade students noticed the plaster began to crumble in classroom and told their teacher about that.  All school students were evacuated.  None of them got hurt,” the school principal Mustafo Baladjonov told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

School principal Mustafo Baladjonov.

“First the roof of the building collapsed, and then the walls began to collapse: principal's office, one classroom and teacher’s circle collapsed,” Baladjonov said.

According to him, the school that was built in 1957 and had eight classrooms accommodated 258 students.   “The building was in disrepair,” the principal added. 

The Abdurahmoni-Jomi education department head Hasan Tabarov confirmed that the building was disrepair it was about to be demolished. 

Jomi top educaitonal official Hasan Tabarov

“23 additional classrooms were built at nine schools in the district and additional 21 classrooms are being built at seven other schools.  Buildings of seven other schools in the district are also disrepair and we began construction of 14 classrooms at them,” Tabarov.

However, neither the school principal nor the district top educational official explained why children continued to study in an emergency building.