Fourteen people, including several women, were injured yesterday afternoon as an explosion occurred in a fuel station in the administrative center of Qubodiyon district in Khatlon province.

A doctor from the Qubodiyon-based Republican Hospital named after the Friendship of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan says eight victims have been admitted to their hospital.  “Two of them are in serious condition and they are currently in intensive care,” the doctor said.     

The remaining six persons reportedly sustained moderate burns and are under medical supervision.

The head of physician of the Qubodiyon central district hospital Kholmurod Oimatov, told Asia-Plus yesterday evening that their hospital have admitted six victims.  “One of them, Rajab Mallayev, is in serious condition and is currently in intensive care,” Oimatov said, noting that the remaining five persons received medical and treatment and were discharged from the hospital.  

According to health workers, the persons who are in intensive care have burns on more than 90 percent of their body surface area and doctors are fighting for their lives.

The blast occurred in the fuel station yesterday afternoon, between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, the deputy chairperson of Qubodiyon district, Alijon Tojiyev, told Asia-Plus in an interview.

According to him, six fire crews from Qubodiyon, Dousti, Shahritous and Nosir-Khusrav districts were involved in extinguishing the fire.

The fuel station completely burned down.  Firefighters, however, managed to prevent the explosion of another 10 ton gas tank.  

The cause of the fire is under investigation.