Negotiations between the working groups of Tajikistan that kicked off at Guliston border crossing point (BCP) Saturday (March 12) morning lasted for more than six hours. 

The negotiations reportedly resulted in signing of a protocol.  The document was inked by Tajik Border Troops commander Rajabali Rahmonali and his Kyrgyz counterpart Ularbek Sharsheyev.  A meeting between  them was held under behind doors.  

The parties have not yet officially announced what they agreed on.  

However, a senior official from the Sughd reginal administration told Asia-Plus on March 12  that “the Border Troops commander have expressed confidence that security of both countries along the mutual border will be provided.”  

“In the future, the border guards of the two countries will comply with the agreements reached so that resident of border areas could live in peace," the official added.  

It is to be noted that meetings of border representatives and heads of border regions, cities and districts.

Thus, governors of Tajikistan’s Sughd province and Kyrgyzstan’s Batken region have agreed on a number of issues related to agriculture.

“They, in particular, discussed issues of clearing canals and water supply, but no agreement was signed as a result of these negotiations,” Davron Zohidzoda, the deputy governor of the Sughd province, told Asia-Plus in an interview.    

Recall, border representatives of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan held talks Thursday (March 10) evening after an exchange of gunfire between border guards of the two countries earlier in the day killed one person and wounded two others. 

Kyrgyzstan’s, citing the border service of Kyrgyzstan, says the sides agreed at the talks to investigate the incident separately.

The side will continue carrying out explanatory work among residents of border areas.  

There has been no official statement from the Tajik side on the situation.

One Tajik border guard was killed and two others wounded in a clash with Kyrgyz border guards Thursday morning.  The incident reportedly took place in Chorkuh jamoat of the Isfara district.

As usual, the Tajik and Kyrgyz sides have blamed each other for the latest clashes and shootings along a disputed segment of the mutual border.

“Kyrgyz border guards entered Vahdat area in Tajik territory and demanded that Tajik border guards leave this territory.  There was a verbal altercation, Kyrgyz border guards were the first to open fire, ours responded to the fire,” a local resident told Asia-Plus over the phone Thursday afternoon.  

“As a result of exchange of gunfire, one Tajik border guard was killed and two others wounded.  One civilian was also wounded in the exchange of gunfire,” the source said.  

Health workers from the Isfara central city hospital have confirmed information about the deceased border guard and wounded people. 

Meanwhile, citing Kyrgyzstan’s border service, says Tajik border guards while on a routine patrol moved into a disputed area and demanded Kyrgyz guards leave the area.   

“Reinforcements arrived at the Tajik border guards.  Using numerical superiority, Tajik border guards tried to reach a new frontier.  However, Kyrgyz border guards did not allow Tajik servicemen to realize their intentions.  As a result, a shootout began, which lasted about 10 minutes.   There were no casualties among the Kyrgyz border guards,” Kyrgyz border service was cited as saying.  

The incident took place less than two months after clashes erupted along a segment of the two countries' poorly demarcated border in a standoff over a blocked road in late January.

Tajikistan's State Committee for National Security said at the time that two civilians were killed and 10 people wounded, including six security personnel and four civilians.

Kyrgyz authorities said 12 Kyrgyz were seriously wounded and more than 24,200 Kyrgyz were evacuated from the area of the fighting.