Fifteen households in the Darvoz districts of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) are expected to be relocated to safe place due to the threat of a natural disaster.

The press center of the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan says the findings of the engineering-and-geological survey conducted in Umarak village have revealed that fifteen households are under the threat of natural disaster. 

“These households should be relocated to safe plans geological survey,” Ms. Umeda Yusufi, a spokeswoman for the Emergencies Committee said.  

According to her, torrential rain on March 27 caused a mudflow in the Umarak village area.  Fortunately no injured was reported.

It is to be noted that torrential rains on March 12 and 18 also caused mudflows in the Umarak village area.  Two houses were destroyed completely and three other houses were damaged partially.  No injured was reported.

The district authorities and local entrepreneurs reportedly provided the necessary assistance to the affected families

A working group comprising representatives of the Emergencies Committee and the Main Geology Directorate arrived in the village on March 25 to conduct the engineering-and-geological survey.  The survey findings have reportedly revealed that fifteen households are under the threat of natural disaster.   

The Emergencies Committee says warmer temperatures have increased the risk of further avalanches, landslides and mudflows in the mountain areas and advises people not to travel unnecessarily to the mountain areas.