As a result of today's shooting in three border areas of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, 2 Tajik servicemen were killed, 11 people, including 6 border guards and 5 local residents, were injured and taken to hospital. This was reported in the rural community of Vorukh and the Central Hospital of the city of Isfara.

Our source in the Vorukh community said that a 26-year-old Tajik soldier who was wounded on the morning of September 14 by Kyrgyz border guards died of blood loss in the hospital this afternoon.

"One of those killed is a 29-year-old soldier. He was killed by a Kyrgyz sniper. Another dead soldier was 26 years old, he died of heavy bleeding. Of the 6 injured, four were taken to the central hospital of the city of Isfara, two more are in the hospital of the Vorukh community", - said the source.

A representative of the Vorukh community said that today in the afternoon, on September 14, shooting began again between the border guards of the two countries in the territory of the Zumradi Isfara community of Tajikistan, bordering on Karabakh in Kyrgyzstan.

Meanwhile, in the community of Chorkuh, bordering Samarkandak in Botkand, the third shooting began.

Our source in the central hospital of Isfara said that as a result of the shelling, 3 local residents were wounded and taken to the hospital.

The official authorities of Tajikistan have not yet made statements regarding the second and third incidents. Our attempts to get information from the Isfara City Hall were unsuccessful.

The mayor of the city of Isfara, Bahavaddin Bahadurzoda, in response to a question about clarifying the situation at the border, briefly answered that there was no time.

Meanwhile, the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan calls on the Kyrgyz media not to disseminate false information.

The statement of the department, cited by, notes that one of the domestic media disseminated information from the Border Guard Service of Tajikistan, which is fundamentally unreliable.

«This can negatively affect the relationship between the two peoples and the results of negotiations between friendly countries, and also poses a real threat to the national security of Kyrgyzstan», — the message says.