As the press service of the Committee for Emergency Situations of Tajikistan notes, despite repeated warnings and preventive measures, the death of people in the water bodies of the republic continues. The main reason for the death of people is swimming in the wrong places, and in the case of children, lack of control on the part of parents.

According to the CoES, at noon on September 24, a 13-year-old resident of the village of Koshona, Jamoat Rudaki in Penjikent, Sughd region, drowned as a result of non-compliance with safety rules while swimming in the Zeravshan River.

«His body was discovered during search and rescue operations on the morning of September 25. The body was handed over to the relevant city authorities», - CoES informs.

The Committee calls on parents to explain to children that the swimming season is over, and non-compliance with safety rules on water bodies can lead to tragedy.