Three tourists on September 25 in the mountains of the Varzob region, one of whom was injured in a fall, found themselves in a helpless situation.

According to the press service of the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government, a resident of Dushanbe called the emergency department about the current situation and the approximate location of the tourists. She learned about the incident from the words of the victims during a telephone conversation.

"A group of rescuers - climbers of the Department of Specialized Search and Rescue Services of the Committee immediately left to carry out rescue and search operations. They located the victims and established voice contact, the report says.

At 18:30 local time, the rescuers lowered the first tourist and sent him to the city of Dushanbe. Because of the darkness, it was decided to postpone rescue work until dawn. Rescuers stayed with the tourists in the mountains.

At dawn, on September 26 at 5:30 am, the CoES rescuers continued their operation to rescue the remaining tourists.

With the help of special technical means, they lowered two tourists and delivered the victim to the Varzoba regional hospital.