An official with the Directorate for Social and Protection and Pensions in Panjakent City of Sughd Province, Asadjon Bahromoov, was found hanged in his apartment on January 11.   

Asadjon’s relatives say he committed suicide “after slander and repeated summons to the local anticorruption directorate for questioning.”  

His wife Umeda Azimova told Asia-Plus by phone on January 18 that that her husband was slandered and mentally pressured on him.  

According to her, lately Asadjon Bahromov had often been summoned to the Panjakent anticorruption directorate for questioning and “it was clear from his condition that psychological pressure was being exerted on him.”  

“On the day of his death, the city police arrived quickly.  When the body was raised, the husband's nephew found a letter in his pocket.  Perhaps the husband wrote the cause of his death in that letter.  Policemen handed the letter to the city prosecutor’s office.   We didn't see what was written in it,” the woman said.

A representative of the Panjakent prosecutor’s office confirmed the fact of the incident by phone but refrained from giving further details.  He just said that an investigation is under way.  

Representatives of the Panjakent city administration have also confirmed the fact of the incident and said that Bahromov had worked for more than 30 years at different positions in the city hall and had been one of the experienced staff.  

Meanwhile, a reliable source told Asia-Plus on the basis of anonymity that based on the testimony of one of his colleagues, the anticorruption directorate suspected Asadjon Bahromov of taking a bribe. 

According to Bahromov’s wife, he was an honest man and never took a bribe in his career.” 

Asadjon Bahromov was 58 year old and he left behind a wife and three children.