One person was killed and at least four others were injured Sunday as Thursday as a truck went into oncoming traffic in Varzob district, the Interior Ministry’s official website reported on March 14.

The accident took place at about 12:40.  At least four vehicles were involved in the crash when a truck heading for Sughd province went into oncoming traffic.

Mercedes-Benz Atego driven by resident of Bobojon-Ghafourov district Abdukhalil Mansourov appeared to have crossed the lane went into oncoming traffic and crashed into Opel Vectra and then rammed Toyota Land Cruiser and Opel Zafira, while Opel Vectra crashed into Opel Astra.

One of passengers of Opel Vectra was killed and four others, including two minors, sustained various injuries and were taken to a hospital.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Another  traffic accident that took place Monday morning in near the village of Sufiyon, which subordinate to the northern city of Panjakent, left one dead.

Musso driven by Afghan citizen Ruhollah Mohammadi went into oncoming traffic and collided with a truck driven by Panjakent resident Abdulhamid Qurbonov.  As a result of the collision, Ruhullah Mohammadi died on the spot.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Recall, 1,096 traffic accidents that were registered in Tajikistan last year left 416 dead and 1,197 injured.