Rehabilitation of earthquake damaged houses has begun in Kuhistoni Mastchoh district, Sughd province.    

Humanitarian aid from cities and regions of the country and separate institutions is continuing to arrive in the district.

Thus, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Dushanbe and local authorities of the northern city of Konibodom have sent humanitarian aid to Kuhistoni Mastchoh district over the past two days.

The assistance provided by the Saudi Embassy reportedly included stoves, woolen blankets and coal and was distributed to all earthquake affected residents of the district.  

Saudi Ambassador Waleed Abdurahman Al Reshaidan personally delivered aid to the affected residents of Kuhistoni Mastchoh on March 28.  

Recall, a powerful earthquake hit some regions of the country on March 23.   A statement released by the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan says the quake damaged a total of 318 houses in Paldorak, Yarm, Pakshif, Dehmanora, Dashti Miyona, Rogh, Samjon and Khudgifi Bolo villages in Kuhistoni Mastchoh district of Sughd province.

Of them, four houses were destroyed completely.  53 houses were damaged partially and 261 houses sustained minor damage.

According to the Emergencies Committee, three residents of Paldorak village, two men and one woman, sustained minor injuries.

The March 23 quake reportedly killed 14 heads of cattle, 52 heads of sheep and two horses in Kuhistoni Mastchoh district.

Tajikistan is located in one of the most seismically dangerous areas in Asia.  Each year hundreds of earthquakes are registered in the mostly mountainous country, which often cause deadly mudslides or snow avalanches.