Two boys, aged 6 and to10 years old, from the northern city of Isfara, whose illness could not be diagnosed, have been taken to Dushanbe.

By the health minister’s order two brothers, from the northern city of Isfara – Mustafokhoja Mahmoudov, 6, and Abdullokhon Mahmoudov, 10, were treated in the Isfara central city hospital and Isfara health workers failed to diagnose their illness, have been transferred to the National Medical Center “Shifobakhsh” in Dushanbe.   

The minister's instruction was given after civil society had appealed to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MoHSPP) and personally to him on social media with solicitation to take that situation under his control and provide assistance to the children.  

They noted that “the whole family has been in the hospital in Isfara in critical condition for already three months.”

“The woman and her two sons are ill, while her daughter died, doctors cannot make a diagnosis.  Local doctors hide the situation and ask not to transfer them to another hospital.  They promise to cure them, but time is going and they are getting worse and worse.  They vomit blood and bruises are all over their bodies.  The woman no longer recognizes anyone,” reads the publication posted on social media.  

An official source within a MoHSPP says the boys have been transferred to the medical center in Dushanbe after that publication. 

According to the source, members of that family got sick after eating samsas with greens.

The “Shfobakhsh” Medical Center Director Khizmatullo Shamszoda told Asia-Plus that the boys were transferred to their center on May 15, at 8:00 pm.