210 families in Roshtqala district of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) will be relocated to safe places due to the rise in the level of river water, Umeda Yusufi, a spokeswoman for the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan, told Asia-Plus Thursday 

According to her, a decision to relocate 210 families to safe places has been made in connection with a flood that affected Midenved village on June 27 after the level of water in the Shokhdara River has increased.  

Several residential buildings, social facilities, roads, bridges and farmlands have reportedly been affected by the flood.  

A special government commission has been set up assess the actual damage caused by the flood and eliminate the consequences of this natural disaster.  

It was decided to relocate 210 families living along the Shokhdara River.  It is not reported where exactly and when the resettlement will take place. 

According to official statistical data, 411 natural disasters took place in Tajikistan over the first three months and damage caused by them to the country’s economy has been estimated at more than 200 million somonis.