During the cleaning work while the liquidation of the consequences of the natural disaster in Vakhdat, the bodies of four more people were found. Thus, the number of victims of the disaster has increased to 17 people.

As the head of the press service of the Emergency Committee of Tajikistan Umeda Yusufi reported to Asia-Plus, the bodies of 3 women and 1 man were found during work on the territory of the rural jamoats named after N.Rozik, Simiganj, Chuyangaron and Romit of Vakhdat city.

"The bodies have been handed over to the relevant authorities to establish their identity," the Emergency commission reported.

Earlier it was reported that 13 people were killed – 11 of them in Vakhdat, two more in Rudaki.

According to Yusufi, the day before the emergency forces, with the involvement of 350 local residents, water lines, streets and roads, 25 residential buildings in the above-mentioned jamoats were cleared of mud and slime.

"The Vakhdat-Romit highway has also been completely cleared of mudstone and traffic has been restored along it," she said.

Meanwhile, according to the Emergency commissin, on the night of August 29, heavy rainfall caused mudslides on the Dushanbe-Vakhdat-Lyakhsh highway, as a result of which 94 and 96 kilometers were flooded near the town of Kumak, 113 and 115 km running through the territory of the Hamalango town and 140 kilometers passing through the Sari-Kosh town of Nurabad district.

"As a result, the road was blocked, traffic was suspended. With the help of the district road service, the road was cleared and traffic was provided. The mudslide also caused damage to household plots, irrigation canals, bridges on the territory of the village of Tegirmi of the rural jamoat of Mehrobod and the village of Zoron of the rural jamoat of Mujiharf. There are no victims and destruction of houses," Umeda Yusufi said.

According to her, also on the afternoon of August 28, due to heavy rains in the village of Guliston-2 of the rural jamoat of Dahan and the village of Gulafshon-3 of the Javansky district of the Khatlon region, a mud mass flooded six homesteads of local residents.

On the territory of the villages of 18-Khizb and Partez of Khuroson district of Khatlon region, mudslides also descended due to heavy rain and hail, as a result of which the mudstone mass partially covered 25 household plots. In the village of Sabzazor of this district, the water supply system was damaged.


And in the village of Kuhdoman-1 of the Farkhor district, as a result of the rainfall, mudslides descended from the hills, as a result of which 100 heads of small-horned cattle died, water partially flooded 3 homesteads of local residents.

"Local emergency Commissions are working at the scene of the incident and the amount of damage is being determined," Yusufi said.

She also said that on behalf of the President of the country, a government working group was created to take immediate measures to eliminate natural disasters, which also visited the affected areas the day before.

The disaster struck Tajikistan on August 27. Mudslides and landslides led to serious destruction in the cities of Dushanbe, Vakhdat and Hissar, as well as in the districts of Rudaki, Varzob, Devashtich, Rasht, Sangvor and Tajikabad.