Residents of Ajuk gorge in Varzob district have been continuing to overcome difficulties caused by flooding that affected the area on august 27-28.  

One of female residents of the gorge, Sarvinoz, told Asia-Plus in a Facebook interview on October 2 that they have suffered the most from lack of safe drinking water.   

“We have had problems with safe drinking water for more than a month after the flooding destroyed a bridge leading to the drinking water reservoir.   We built this reservoir ourselves, and it served as a source of drinking water,” she said.  

In addition to this problem, they have suffered from irregular supply of electricity since September 28.  “We now have electricity from 5:00 am to 8:00 am and from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm,” Sarvinoz added.  

Meanwhile, the head of the Varzob electricity Distribution Grid, Shorukh Sharifzoda, told Asia-Plus in an interview by phone on October 2 that there have been no power outages in the district.  

According to him, current power interruptions in the district are linked to work on overhauling production and transmission infrastructure

As far as the supply of safe drinking water is concerned, Varzob administrators say the work on rehabilitation of the drinking water supply infrastructure is under way.  

“The problem will be solved within this week and access to safe drinking water will be provided,” an official source within the Varzob district administration said October 2.